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Brahmastra Aerospace Systems has taken its next initiative to educate the space geeks and those who are interested in aeronautics and space science. Ekalaivan is planned to educate young minds and boost their self learning skills online through continuous learning. 

The term "Ekalaivan" inspired from the Indian mythological character "Ekalaivan" who taught the skillsets of Archery himself just by seeing somewhere of his Guru "Dhronacharya". Likewise the Students of the "Ekalaivan" will be learning "Aeronautics & Astronautics" Anywhere, Anytime with course videos and assessments. The term 'Ekalaivan' also derived from Two words "Ekal" which means "immortal" & "Avian" which means "A person belongs to sky".  

This program will mainly focus on educating young minds and those who would like to know more about the various concepts concerned with aero industry. Concepts will be taught through 3 to 4 video sessions  and uploaded in the website every week. It will also be uploaded in YouTube, which can be accessed only through the link given to the registered students. There will be assessments done to know the performance of the person at the end of every course. We grade your assessment and give you the personal results. At the end of this course you will be getting a merit certificate for course completion.


  • Detailed study of the topics. 

  • Inspired Syllabus from World's Top Universities. 

  • Learn from Professionals. 

  • Self made assessments. 

  • Learn from anywhere in the world (International Syllabus). 

  • Personal query resolving through mail within 24 hours from the Tutor. 

  • Video & Audio Doubt clearance from the tutor in case of uncleared doubts through mail. 

  • Certificate of completion. 

  • Aeronautics & Astronautics taught by linking day to day life basic physics. 

  • Learning Modules created and correlated specially by Brahmastra. 


1. Orientation to Aerodynamics. 

2. Space Mission planning 
   & Operations 

+ En savoir plus

3. 3-D Printing Bootcamp

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