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Hiring !!!

Part time Blog
Writing Interns

For Aeronaut
Anchor 1
Job Location
Your Home / Hostel / Canteen / Bus / Train / Delhi Metro
10 Minutes per day 
(but it has to be done for sure)
Skills you get
  • AI Content Writing 
  • Defence Journalism
  • Click baits 
  • Canva Premium*
  • Digital Marketing
  • Indian A&D Industry
  • Certification*
  • Common Sense
  • Basic English 
  • AI based Blog writing  you are going to tell AI what to write)
  • To know what Aerospace & Defence Industry is            (Don't know? Don't worry will teach you)
  • Namesake Applicants Stay away*
AI Failed to write Something here 
meanwhile you visit the Aeronaut page to know what your tasks will be if you join as an Aeronaut
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