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Hiring !!!

Fresh Aero, Avionics Engineers

For Tier 1 Aerospace Company!
Propulsion Engineer
Designing, developing, and testing rocket engines (liquid-propellant, solid-propellant, hybrid, etc.). This includes thrust calculations, fuel systems, combustion chamber design, and nozzle optimization. 
Structural Engineer
Ensuring the rocket's structural integrity under the extreme launch and flight loads. This includes material selection, stress analysis, design of the airframe, payload integration, and vibration analysis.
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⁠Avionics Engineer
Designing and integrating all electronic systems responsible for guidance, navigation, and control (GNC), plus telemetry and communication. Choosing sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS), microcontrollers, data transmission, and ground station systems.
Aerodynamics Engineer
Analyzing and optimizing the rocket's external shape to minimize drag and ensure stability during flight. This involves wind tunnel testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, and designing control surfaces (fins, etc.). 
Job Location
BE / B. Tech,
ME / M. Tech  -Aerospace Engineering
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