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Brahmastra Aerospace & Defence Pvt. Ltd has embarked on a remarkable journey since its inception in 2019 in Chennai. Our milestones reflect our commitment to innovation, education, and advancing technology in the fields of Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Defence Systems.


Milestone 1 (2019): Inception and Vision

- Brahmastra Aerospace & Defence Pvt. Ltd was founded by a dedicated team of innovators, enthusiasts, and thinkers.

- Our vision took shape: to provide STEM Education rooted in Aeronautics and Astronautics, catering to students from diverse backgrounds.


Milestone 2 (2020): Online Educational Initiatives

- We launched our first online courses and training programs, bringing the world of Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Aerospace closer to students and enthusiasts worldwide.

- The initiation of Virtual Satellite Internships paved the way for hands-on learning experiences.


Milestone 3 (2021): Expanding Educational Reach

- Our programs connected people from rare professions, including Aerospace Systems engineers, Pilots, Astrophysicists, Astronauts, and Drone Pilots.

- We reached a significant milestone of educating over 30,000 students across various levels, from high school to bachelor's and master's degrees.

- Our educational impact extended beyond borders, with students from more than [number] countries benefiting from our initiatives.


Milestone 4 (2022): Research & Development Platform

- Brahmastra Aerospace & Defence Pvt. Ltd evolved into a platform for Research & Development in Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Defence Systems.

- We began harnessing cutting-edge technologies in these fields, positioning ourselves as pioneers in self-reliance and innovation.


Milestone 5 (2023 and Beyond): Towards Self-Reliance

- Our journey continues with a focus on advancing the current and emerging technologies in Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Defence Systems.

- We aim to foster innovation and inspire the next generation of leaders in these fields.

- Our commitment remains steadfast in building a self-reliant nation, prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving aerospace and defence landscape.


As we look ahead, Brahmastra Aerospace & Defence Pvt. Ltd remains dedicated to its mission of providing education, fostering research and development, and contributing to the growth and self-sufficiency of our nation in the realms of Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Defence Systems. Our milestones are the building blocks of a brighter and more technologically advanced future.







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