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35 fighter jets roared off INS Vikramaditya-Vikrant on thunderous display of multi-carrier prowess.

The Indian Navy's impressive show of maritime might featured over 35 aircraft in coordinated multi-carrier operations in the Arabian Sea.

The Indian Navy's recent mission in the Arabian Sea holds significant importance as it signifies the Navy's commitment to enhancing maritime security and power-projection capabilities.

With growing challenges from China in the Indian Ocean, this mission aimed to demonstrate India's readiness and strengthen its presence in the region.

The study focused on two aircraft carriers, INS Vikramaditya and the newly commissioned INS Vikrant. These carriers served as the launching platforms for a flight of 35 aircraft, which included MiG-29K fighter jets, MH 60R helicopters, Kamov helicopters, and advanced light helicopters.

The exercise showcased the Navy's ability to operate a diverse range of aircraft from these carriers.

The Indian Navy shared a video on Twitter, capturing the dynamic exercise in action. The video highlighted the impressive display of power as the fighter jets took flight, filling the sky with their deafening roars.

In addition to the Navy's efforts, the Indian Air Force also played a role in showcasing strength and capability in the Indian Ocean region. A fleet of Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter jets undertook an eight-hour show of force, demonstrating their operational prowess for long-range missions.

This follows a similar mission carried out by four Rafale aircraft a few days earlier. These endeavors by the Indian Air Force serve as a reminder of India's determination to counter China's increasing presence in the Indian Ocean.

While the Indian Air Force has undertaken two missions, specific details about the operations conducted on Thursday and late last month have not been disclosed.

These actions reflect India's commitment to ensuring maritime security and safeguarding its interests in the face of emerging challenges.

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