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Alien discovery could start World War III

If and when extraterrestrial life is discovered, there would be disastrous repercussions for Earth, according to a study by geophysicist Kenneth Wisian and expert in religious studies John Traphagan.

Scientists assert that if only one nation on Earth had access to alien technology, it could rule the entire planet.

The suspicions are false and extremely unlikely, according to a paper published in the journal Space Policy, because interstellar communication is possible.

There's not much that governments could do to obtain a monopoly on that information, according to the paper's author Jason T. Wright, who spoke with Newsweek.

Despite the failure of the search for extraterrestrial life thus far, Wright did caution that humans might not be the only creatures in the cosmos.

"The radio search for alien life," he declared.

Edited By : Bidyut Buddha Gogoi


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