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Bell completes AH-1Z Programme of Record

In December 2022, Bell gave the Navy Air Systems Command the last manufacturing aircraft. Six AH-1Zs have been shipped to Bahrain, and the first one made its in-country debut during the Bahrain Air Show.

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) will prepare the last six helicopters for transit to Bahrain before they are delivered to Bahrain in 2023.

Mike Deslatte, vice president of Bell and head of the H-1 programme, congratulated the Kingdom of Bahrain on acquiring the newest AH-1Zs. The sophisticated technology of the Viper will "further boost Bahrain's defence capabilities as a leader in the region."

After Bell's completion of the U.S. Marine Corps programme of record, Bahrain's AH-1Z programme of record represents two significant H-1 manufacturing milestones in a single calendar year.

The most recent generation of specifically designed attack helicopters produced by Bell is the AH-1Z Viper. The AH-1Z is now in use by the U.S. Marine Corps, which benefits from its low logistical needs for shipboard and expeditionary missions.

Deslatte continued, "Capabilities are only a portion of the problem when it comes to modernising an aircraft fleet.

"The Viper enables leaders to react with more speed and agility to quickly shifting operations" by guaranteeing the aircraft can fly with less logistical backup.

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