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"Breaking News: AZAD Engineering Wins Landmark DRDO Contract to Fuel India's Defense Future!"

AZAD Engineering Limited Secures Landmark Contract with DRDO for Advanced Gas Turbine Engines

Hyderabad-based precision engineering powerhouse, AZAD Engineering Limited, has reached a significant milestone by securing a prestigious contract from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India. Under this long-term agreement, AZAD Engineering will serve as the production agency for engines designed by the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bengaluru.

Pioneering Defence Technology Manufacturing

This contract marks a pivotal moment in India's defence manufacturing sector, as AZAD Engineering steps up to produce and assemble the Advanced Gas Turbine Engine (AGTE). The AGTE is a sophisticated piece of technology intended to enhance the capabilities of India's defence forces. It will be a critical component in powering a variety of military applications, showcasing India's growing self-reliance in defence technology.

Diverse Applications Across Defence Sectors

The AGTE will play a vital role in several high-profile defence projects, including:

1. Kaveri Turbofan Engine for Tejas Fighter Jets: This engine will provide the necessary thrust for the indigenous Tejas fighter jets, contributing to India's air superiority.

2. Marine Gas Turbine Engine (MGTE) for Indian Navy: Future Indian Navy warships will rely on the MGTE for propulsion, enhancing the navy's operational efficiency and strategic reach.

3. Gas Turbine Engine for Army's Tank and Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) Fleet: These engines will be crucial for the mobility and performance of the Indian Army's armored and infantry vehicles, strengthening ground operations.

A Timeline for Excellence

AZAD Engineering is tasked with delivering the first batch of fully integrated AGTEs by early 2026. This timeline underscores the company's commitment to precision, quality, and timely delivery, reflecting its capability to meet the stringent standards of the defence sector.

A Leap Towards Self-Reliance

This contract not only highlights AZAD Engineering's expertise in precision engineering but also aligns with India's broader goal of achieving self-reliance in defence manufacturing. By undertaking the production of these advanced engines, AZAD Engineering is set to play a crucial role in reducing dependence on foreign suppliers and enhancing the indigenous defence manufacturing ecosystem.


The contract awarded to AZAD Engineering Limited by the DRDO represents a significant step forward for India's defence capabilities. With the production of the Advanced Gas Turbine Engine, AZAD is poised to contribute substantially to the nation's defence preparedness and technological advancement. As the company gears up to deliver its first batch of engines by 2026, it stands as a testament to the potential and prowess of Indian engineering and manufacturing on the global stage.

We look forward to seeing AZAD Engineering’s contributions to India's defence forces, and the positive impact this partnership will have on the country's strategic capabilities. 🎉

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