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Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Indian Army Fires Missiles from 17,000 Feet in Sikkim! Have Enemies Heard of "Mountain Might"?

Indian Army's Trishakti Corps Tests Anti-Tank Might at 17,000 Feet in Sikkim

In a display of remarkable skill and adaptation, the Indian Army's Trishakti Corps recently conducted a high-altitude training exercise focused on Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) firing. This exercise, held at a staggering 17,000 feet in the mountainous terrain of Sikkim, showcased the army's preparedness to operate in some of the most challenging environments.

The training involved missile firing detachments from both mechanized and infantry units across the entire Eastern Command. Soldiers underwent comprehensive training procedures before progressing to live firing exercises. These exercises included engaging both static and moving targets, simulating real-world battlefield conditions.

The success of this exercise signifies several key takeaways:

  • Mountain Warfare Expertise:  The ability to effectively deploy and operate ATGMs at such extreme altitudes demonstrates the Trishakti Corps' exceptional mountain warfare expertise. This ensures they are prepared to defend India's borders in even the harshest Himalayan terrain.

  • Enhanced Lethality: The exercise reaffirmed the motto "Ek Missile Ek Tank" (One Missile, One Tank). Soldiers honed their skills in neutralizing armored threats with pinpoint accuracy, a crucial capability in modern warfare.

  • System Performance:  The ATGM systems themselves underwent a real-world test at high altitude. Their successful performance validates their effectiveness in these demanding conditions.

This training exercise by the Trishakti Corps serves as a powerful message of India's commitment to maintaining a strong and ever-evolving defense posture. The ability to operate effectively in such challenging environments ensures the country's borders are well-protected.

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