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Drone-driven Robot Dog!

One of the most cutting-edge weapons that a Chinese military contractor has shown off in a video that is alarming the internet is a robot attack dog that can be dropped down by a drone. The drone-operated robot dog has a machine gun affixed to it and can be launched using a drone.

The video was made available on the official Weibo account of "Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing," a page linked to a Chinese military contractor, according to a New York Post investigation.

It shows the drone dropping off the robotic dog on top of a structure. After the drone lifts flight, the dog is shown getting up on all fours and surveying the surroundings for prospective prey.

The Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing weapon, according to a description that was uploaded on a Chinese social media platform, can "launch a surprise strike," the Washington Post said.

Forward heavy-duty drones deliver air attack, war dogs that drop from the sky, and Red Wing Combat robot dogs. They may be dropped into a vulnerable location behind the enemy to launch a surprise attack, or they can be placed on the opponent's roof to control the commanding heights and decrease weapons.

A three-dimensional pincer attack against the enemy within the structure may also be launched by ground forces, per the English-language account in the New York Post.


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