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Girls who built AzadiSat for India give powerful message with unique pictures

(Space Kidz India had designed the AzadiSAT, a Satellite where 75 rural government schools across Kashmir to Kanyakumari were chosen.)

India has come a long way when it comes to science and space exploration in the last 75 years of its independence. The 75th anniversary of India's independence was made special by the launch of a CubeSat that was developed and built by 750 girl students from across India.

While the satellite was lost in space due to the failure of the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV), the initiative undertaken by ISRO and SpaceKidz India was aimed at pushing girls to take up Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) in schools and higher education.

SpaceKidz India has now come up with a unique photoshoot that shows the powerful story of India and its prowess in space sciences. A team of six rural young girl scientists who had worked on the AzaadiSAT came together with SpaceKidz India head Dr.Srimathy Kesan to give the message that India is not only the hub of culture but also science.

(SpaceKidz India said that its goal is to provide economical and sustainable access to space to cater the needs of education, research and the industry.)

(SpaceKidz India head Dr.Srimathy Kesan with the girls who built the CubeSat)

(Six rural young girl scientists who worked in the AzaadiSAT are part of the photoshoot.)


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