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IAF Chief: Will and Capability to Respond to Security Challenges with Modern Aerospace Power

India is capable of responding at the level we think acceptable and is willing to impose our own escalation matrix, he said. "The forefront of that response is us, the men and women in uniform. Therefore, it is essential that we maintain that edge at its sharpest and most lethal," he continued.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has reiterated its readiness to respond to any security challenges in the region, saying that it has the capability and the will to impose its own escalation matrix.

In an event organized by Republic TV, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari said that the IAF has laid out a roadmap to bolster its overall combat capabilities through the addition of new technologies.

The IAF chief also noted that aerospace power has become the "instrument of choice" for almost all operational contingencies, citing conflicts in the last few decades that have established the pre-eminence of this power.

He emphasized the importance of joint planning and execution in future wars and integrating the efforts of the three services.

Chaudhari also acknowledged the challenges posed by the easy accessibility to high-end technology, including the use of drones and unmanned combat systems.

He said that the IAF is pursuing the development of niche technologies in space-based capabilities, data linking, and artificial intelligence-based decision support systems.

Furthermore, the Air Chief Marshal emphasized the importance of having a clear picture of the battlespace and the intentions of the adversary.

He said that this ability would rely on highly secure and efficient networks that integrate sensors, decision makers, and shooters.

Chaudhari's comments come amid a lingering border row in eastern Ladakh and Pakistan's cross-border terrorism.

The IAF has been at the forefront of India's response to these security challenges, and Chaudhari's comments underscore the force's continued focus on modernizing its capabilities.

In conclusion, the IAF chief's comments provide a glimpse into the force's priorities in the coming years.

The IAF's pursuit of new technologies and its emphasis on joint planning and execution suggest that the force is preparing for a future where conflicts will be fought in a highly networked and technologically advanced battlespace.

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