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Indian defence forces on mission to secure place in space

At this week's annual Defence Expo in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, western India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked, "Space technology is an illustration of what security would mean for any powerful nation in the future."

"Mission Defense Space will not only bolster the military, but also provide fresh approaches."

Based on defence needs in the space domain, India has selected 75 issues in the space industry for private companies to work on under the initiative.

The issues have been grouped by the Delhi government into five technical categories: satellite systems, ground systems, software, and communication and payload systems.

"India is sharing its space science with more than 60 underdeveloped nations. Many African countries and tiny countries profit from this, Modi added, stressing how space technology is redefining India's diplomacy and opening up new avenues for action.

Ten ASEAN nations will also get real-time access to Indian satellite data by the end of the following year. These satellite data will even be used by industrialised nations like Europe and America.

In the past several years, there have been initiatives to increase private sector involvement in India's space programme.

Officials made it clear that the present endeavour is focused on creating technical enablers for the defence services rather than developing offensive weapons in space.

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