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  • Namana Nagaraj

Indian Air Force Boosts Border Defense: Tejas Fighter Jets Set to Soar with Upgrades

The Indian Air Force is getting ready to use its own Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas Mark 1A fighter jets at a base near the Pakistan border in Rajasthan. This is a big step in making our air force stronger. The older Tejas jets will also be moved to bases in Gujarat to better protect our western borders.

Right now, the Air Force has two squadrons of Tejas jets, but they're not the latest models. So, there's a plan to upgrade them in 2026. This upgrade will give the older jets better technology, making them more like the newer Mark 1A version.

The main upgrade involves using a new radar called ELM-2052. This radar is better than the current one and will help the pilots know more about what's happening around them. Another part of the upgrade is adding a Mission Computer, which is like the brain of the jet, to support the new technology.

Even though it's too expensive to completely upgrade the older jets, there's a plan to make smaller improvements over time. This will happen as more of the newer jets are made after 2026.

Deploying the Tejas Mark 1A and upgrading the older jets is a big deal for India's defense. The Tejas is a great fighter jet, and having them near the Pakistan border helps keep us safe. The upgrades will make sure that even the older jets stay useful for a long time.

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