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Indian Air Force Developing Indigenous Electronic Warfare Suite for TEJAS MK-1A Fighter Aircraft

India’s Tejas Mk2 combat jet on track

In a significant development, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is actively engaged in the development of an indigenous electronic warfare (EW) suite for the homegrown TEJAS MK-1A fighter aircraft. The suite, comprising a Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) system and an Advanced Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ) Pod, is expected to bolster the aircraft's capabilities and enhance its survivability in contested environments.

The EW suite is being jointly developed by the Consortium for Advanced Systems Development and Integration Centre (CASDIC) in Bangalore and the Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL) in Hyderabad. The RWR system, utilizing Radio Frequency (RF) and digital technologies, will offer real-time signal processing capabilities, setting a new benchmark in EW systems.

The ASPJ Pod, designed for integration onto the TEJAS's outboard station, will employ Active Phased Array (APA) technology, ultra-wideband Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM), and an advanced cooling system to provide state-of-the-art jamming capabilities.

The development of the EW suite is progressing well, with several Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) having successfully completed Qualification Testing (QT). However, clearance for production is contingent upon the completion of developmental trials and the entire QT process.

TEJAS's ECM Suite exceeds jamming, providing advanced electronic protection.

DRDO has mandated the chosen industry partner to not only source LRUs, Subsystems, and Components from the DRDO-specified supply chain but also integrate, test, certify, and deliver the EW suite in accordance with the Indian Air Force's requirements. The partner must also establish essential infrastructure such as the System Test Rig, Automatic Test Equipment, Ground Handling, and Ground Support Equipment crucial for production and maintenance of the EW system.

The indigenous EW suite represents a significant milestone in India's quest for self-reliance in defense manufacturing. It is expected to provide the IAF with a cutting-edge capability to counter a wide range of electronic threats, enhancing the operational effectiveness of the TEJAS MK-1A fighter aircraft.

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