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Indian Navy, Drone Federation join hands to promote indigenous drone technology

Drone Federation of India and the Technology Development and Acceleration Cell of the Naval Innovation Indigenisation Organisation (NIIO) under the Indian Navy have teamed up to promote domestic research, development, testing, and manufacturing of drone, counter-drone, and related technologies for the Navy.

In order to achieve component indigenization, the Navy and the drone industry organisation will improve the synergy between the military, business, and academics, according to a statement released on Wednesday.

The statement continued, "Programs on sensitization and skill development shall be undertaken as part of this understanding.

Additionally, a special maritime drone testing site shall be earmarked for the Indian drone industry to facilitate faster development and testing of drones, especially in maritime environments and thereby enable development for a host of applications.

Our partnership with the Drone Federation of India will help us in developing a deeper industry connection as well as help us create a stronger roadmap for induction of drone platforms in the Indian Navy in a time-bound manner, said Cmde A P Golaya, VSM, OiC TDAC, Indian Navy.

"TDAC has been working towards accelerating the development of indigenous technologies to be used by the Indian Navy.

It is a proud moment for the Indian drone industry to have formed a partnership with the Indian Navy to build and test superior drone platforms, said Smit Shah, President of the Drone Federation of India in a statement.

The Drone Federation of India is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation that is industry-led. It promotes the drone industry by opening up business opportunities, creating a strong skilling infrastructure, creating standards, and encouraging R&D efforts.

The development of adaptable and dependable drone platforms for cutting-edge maritime use cases like maritime patrol, drone landings on moving ships, ship-to-ship deliveries, and ship-to-shore deliveries will be accelerated, according to Shah, who noted that the maritime testing site being built as part of this initiative.

Edited By: Prabhjot Singh Maan ( LinkedIn ).

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