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Indian Navy Plans to Enhance Naval Warfare Capabilities with Loitering Munitions on Warships!

Brazilian Army Chief of Staff, General Fernando José Santana Soares e Silva, has expressed Brazil's interest in procuring India's indigenous Akash Air Defence system. However, this interest comes with a unique proposal: Brazil is willing to supply the Akash Air Defence system to India if India agrees to purchase Embraer aircraft from Brazil.

The specific Embraer aircraft in question was not specified, but it aligns with India's ongoing procurement plans. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is currently seeking to acquire 40 Medium Transport Aircraft (MTA), and Embraer has offered its C-390M Medium-Haul Transport Aircraft for this purpose. Additionally, the IAF is exploring options to procure six EMB-145 aircraft for its Netra Mk1/A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) fleet.

Although production of the EMB-145 series was halted in 2020, there is still a significant number of these aircraft available in the commercial market, with around 700 units produced and nearly 500 in operation. The IAF is considering sourcing used aircraft for conversion into AWACS platforms.

This proposal underscores Brazil's willingness to explore mutually beneficial defense collaborations with India, leveraging its extensive experience in aircraft manufacturing, particularly with Embraer. The potential exchange could enhance both countries' defense capabilities while fostering stronger bilateral ties.

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