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Indian Navy's Next Generation Missile Vessels to be Equipped with Long Range Loitering Munitions!

The Indian Navy is poised to amplify its maritime prowess through the strategic integration of cutting-edge technology, as it plans to equip its forthcoming Next Generation Missile Vessels (NGMVs) with advanced long-range loitering munition. In its pursuit to elevate the operational capacities of the NGMVs, the Indian Navy is engaging in discussions with Indian private sector entities that have already developed loitering munition for both the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

The infusion of loitering munition into the NGMVs will furnish the Navy with a judicious and actionable response capability, affording them the finesse to conduct precise and efficacious operations in pivotal maritime scenarios. Loitering munition, often referred to as suicide drones, represents a sophisticated class of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) characterized by extended flight durations and the capability to linger over a designated target zone for substantial periods.

Unlike conventional drones that are largely confined to reconnaissance duties, loitering munition transcends this role by incorporating a warhead, enabling it to execute targeted strikes on enemy assets. For the Indian Navy, this translates into a tactical upper hand, facilitating real-time intelligence gathering, meticulous target assessment, and informed decision-making prior to launching an offensive.

One of the pivotal strengths of loitering munition is its compatibility with compact launch pods, translating into a versatile and expedient deployment option on naval vessels. The Indian Navy seeks to harness this attribute to amplify both its offensive and defensive capabilities during maritime endeavors. By integrating loitering munition into the NGMVs, the Navy elevates its prowess to execute precision strikes against adversarial naval vessels, merchant fleets, and land-based targets, thereby fortifying its maritime dominion.

Additionally, the loitering munition bestows a distinctive capability to disengage an ongoing attack should circumstances warrant such an action. This functionality underscores the Navy's heightened command over operations and mitigates the risk of unintended collateral damage in sensitive contexts. The capacity to halt an attack, if the situation necessitates, underscores India's commitment to measured and meticulous military involvements.

The procurement contract for six NGMVs, inked earlier this year with Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) for Rs 9,805 crore, substantiates the gravitas of this venture. The NGMVs are meticulously conceived to be formidable war vessels, encompassing cutting-edge stealth technology, elevated velocity attributes, and potent offensive capabilities. With the infusion of long-range loitering munition, the NGMVs evolve into even more potent and versatile assets, further bolstering India's maritime defensive apparatus.

The NGMVs are poised to emerge as pivotal assets for the Indian Navy, with their principal role encompassing offensive capabilities against adversary naval vessels, merchant convoys, and terrestrial targets. These advanced maritime assets are engineered to execute Maritime Strike Operations and Anti-Surface Warfare Operations, establishing them as a resolute and commanding presence within the regional maritime domain.

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