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ISRO and Microsoft team up to fuel growth of space-tech startups in India

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support space-tech startups in India. The agreement aims to empower space-tech startups across the country with technology tools and platforms, go-to-market support, and mentoring to help them scale and become enterprise-ready.

Through this partnership, the most promising space tech innovators and entrepreneurs in India identified by ISRO will be onboarded onto the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub platform, which supports startups at every stage of their journey from idea to unicorn.

This will provide space-tech startup founders in India with free access to the technology tools and resources they need to build and run their business, including technical support to build and scale on Azure, best-in-class developer and productivity tools including GitHub Enterprise, Visual Studio Enterprise, and Microsoft 365, and access to smart analytics with Power BI and Dynamics 365.

The collaboration seeks to strengthen ISRO's vision of harnessing the market potential of space tech startups in India.

Through Microsoft's technology tools, platforms, and mentorship opportunities, space-tech startups will be able to drive cutting-edge innovation and accelerate scientific discovery.

Beyond access to technology, Microsoft will provide mentoring support to space tech entrepreneurs in areas ranging from space engineering to cloud technologies, product and design, fundraising and sales and marketing.

In addition, the founders will have access to Microsoft Learn for tailored startup-centric training content and programs to help them build connections with the industry and potential customers.

Microsoft and ISRO will also jointly organize knowledge-sharing and thought leadership sessions for the startups with space industry experts.

The collaboration will also support founders with go-to-market strategies, technical support, and opportunities to sell their solutions via Microsoft channels and marketplace.

According to Shri S Somanath, Chairman, ISRO, the collaboration with Microsoft will greatly benefit space tech startups in their analysis and processing of vast amounts of satellite data for various applications using cutting-edge methods like AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

The Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a useful platform for bringing together startups and providers of technology solutions to support the national space technology ecosystem.

The collaboration aims to assist and support entrepreneurs and in turn benefit the Indian economy as a whole.

Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, stated that space-tech startups in India are playing a significant role in advancing the country's space capabilities with the power of technology.

He added that Microsoft is committed to empowering space-tech startups in the country to drive cutting-edge innovation and accelerate scientific discovery through its technology tools, platforms, and mentorship opportunities.

The collaboration between ISRO and Microsoft is expected to fuel the growth of space-tech startups in India and strengthen the national space technology ecosystem.

With the support of Microsoft's technology tools and mentorship, space-tech startups in India are expected to bring about cutting-edge innovation and drive scientific discovery in the field of space technology.

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