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  • Namana Nagaraj

ISRO Unveils Access to High-Resolution Space Datasets

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development in India's space exploration endeavors. ISRO has taken a giant leap towards fostering innovation and collaboration by making a vast array of its high-resolution space datasets freely accessible to the public.

This move not only positions India at the forefront of space data accessibility but also marks a significant milestone in the nation's commitment to a civilian-focused space program.

In a recent update to the country's space policy, ISRO mandates that all datasets above 5-meter resolution be made available for public use.

This surpasses the standards set by other nations, with the USA providing free data at 15 meters and Europe at 10 meters resolution. The 5-meter datasets originate from India's esteemed Resourcesat-2/2A satellites, renowned for their detailed imaging capabilities.

The recently launched EOS-04 satellite, equipped with Synthetic Aperture Radar, delivers some of the highest resolution and quality datasets ever released.

Beyond the borders of the nation, this initiative showcases India's spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. By making these datasets available to the global community, ISRO is actively contributing to international efforts aimed at addressing critical issues such as climate change, natural disasters, and sustainable development.

ISRO's decision to unlock the potential of its space datasets heralds a new era of innovation and cooperation in the field of space exploration. As we look forward to the myriad applications and advancements that will emerge from this wealth of information, ISRO remains dedicated to advancing scientific discovery and making a positive impact on a global scale

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