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Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launches six people into suborbital space....

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin has launched its sixth tourist trip into suborbital space with several crew members aboard the capsule making history - two are now the first people of Egyptian and Portuguese decent to visit the final frontier and another is the first woman to complete the Explorer's Extreme Trifecta.

Sara Sabry, founder of the Deep Space Initiative and Portuguese business man Mário Ferreira made history when the New Shepard rocket took off a 9:57 am ET from the company's West Texas facility.

The mission also helped Vanessa O'Brien complete the trifecta of the Guinness World Record category that involves an individual reaching the highest point on Earth, deepest point in the sea and making it to space.

Also along for the epic journey was Clint Kelly III, a former member of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Steve Young who is the former owner of Florida's largest communications firm and YouTube star Coby Cotton.

The launched was delayed for 20 minutes, leaving the crew anxiously waiting inside t the capsule, but when the clock hit 'zero,' a loud roar was heard echoing through the desert as New Shepard ignited its seven engines. 'God speed Titanium feather,' a Blue Origin commenter said referring to the name the crew gave themselves.

Max Q, the point when an aerospace vehicle's atmospheric flight reaches maximum dynamic pressure, was reached one minute and five seconds after launch, as New Shepard traveled more than 1,600 miles per hour.

And at two minute and 31 seconds, the shiny, white crew capsule separated from the rocket and continued on its path toward space.

The capsule hoovered for about five minutes while at 62 miles above the surface and then made a proud trip back to Earth.

Three red and white parachutes shot out of the capsule at eight minutes and 30 seconds, helping the craft glide back to the ground for a soft landing in the Texas desert.

The crew can be heard screaming 'we aren't going to die' from inside the capsule, along with others describing how they feel sweaty from the epic adventure.

The journey lasted just 10 minute and 27 seconds, but as a Blue Origin commentator said, 'the experience will last a lifetime.'

Today's mission also marks the 22nd time the New Shepard has launched.

All six members received a special challenge coin shortly after arriving at the training center earlier this morning.

The coin represents belonging and the achievement of something great and is only awarded to astronauts who passed training and are set to fly on a spacecraft.

The team climbed the tower about 30 minutes before launch and each rung a hanging silver bell before walking through a tunnel on the way to the launch capsule, which says above it 'light this candle.'

And now at 10:09 am ET, the crew has finished 'one of the most amazing days of their lives.'

Each crew member is now deemed an astronaut.

Cotton is known for his YouTube sports channel Dude Perfect that has 57 million followers.

The channel was birthed in 2009 when Cotton and his college roommates, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and his brother, Cory Cotton, started posting comedy videos and trick shots.

Cotton's seat was sponsored by MoonDAO, which describes itself at being 'an international collective of people united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration.'

Sabry, 29, is now the first Egyptian to fly to space. Her company Deep Space Initiative works increasing accessibility for space research.

She has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo and a master's in biomedical engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.

And Sabry's seat is sponsored by Space for Humanity.

This nonprofit 'serves purpose-driven leaders through a sponsored spaceflight experience to create a profound shift in perspective, so that each citizen astronaut returns with a grander perspective to address our most intractable challenges and their solutions.'

Ferreira, 54, the first person from Portugal to fly into space, is an entrepreneur, investor and President of Pluris Investments Group.

According to, Ferreira spends his free time scuba diving, running and participating in a car rally known as the Dakar.

O'Brien, 57, also made history Thursday, as the first woman to complete the Explorers' extreme trifecta of reaching space.

She climbed Earth's highest peak, Mount Everest and ventured to our planet's deepest extent - the Challenger Deep. And now the last part of the trifecta is her trip to space.

Kelly has been working at DARPA since 1984 and is credited with developing early technology that birthed the era of autonomous vehicles.

And Young, 59, who is a paying customer, is known for owning Florida's largest telecommunications contractor, Young's Communications or Y-com.

Young told that he sold the company when it was generating $100 million annually and it was acquired by Grain Management, which only purchases companies valued between $20 million to $150 million.

Young, who lives in Indialantic, also owns Pineapples, a restaurant, music venue and rooftop bar in Eau Gallie, Florida - which he opened shortly before selling Y-com.

NS-22 brings the total of people flown to space by Blue Origin to 31 since the first one took off July 2021 that took Bezos himself to the final frontier.


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