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Mumbai: Company gets inspired by Elon Musk, to employ balloons for space tourism

A 10 by 8 foot spacecraft with the capacity to carry six passengers and the pilot simultaneously is currently being built by the Mumbai-based Space Aura Aerospace Technology Pvt Ltd firm.

Elon Musk's SpaceX served as an inspiration for this endeavour.

However, the spacecraft will remain inside a 35 kilometre radius above the earth.

The company showcased a replica of the spacecraft known as SKAP 1 at the scientific expo "Akash Tatva" in this city, and both scientists and normal people gave it favourable reviews.

The first space mission is expected to launch in 2025, according to Space Aura founder and CEO Akash Porwal.

The spacecraft will, however, stay inside a 35-kilometer radius above the earth.

At the scientific fair "Akash Tatva" in this city, the corporation displayed a copy of the spaceship known as SKAP 1, and both experts and regular people gave it positive evaluations.

According to Space Aura creator and CEO Akash Porwal, the first space mission is anticipated to launch in 2025.

The spacecraft will be brought down by progressively deflating the space balloon and opening a parachute. The space balloon and spacecraft will separate at a specific time, at which point the passengers will be returned safely to Earth.

By showcasing a blend of space travel and Indian culture, Porwal remarked, "Our goal is to lure space tourists to India."

"Our firm will let space travellers go to space at a lot lesser cost than SpaceX and Blue Origin," he stated.

Despite the fact that the price of a spacecraft trip has not been established, it is most likely to be about Rs 50 lakh.

Edited By : Bidyut B. Gogoi

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