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New ADGMS Air Defence System for India on the way!

The Indian Army Air Defence has developed the advanced Air Defence Gun Missile System (Self Propelled) known as AD GM System (SP) to provide close air defence protection to mechanized formations against evolving air threats.

This system combines both gun and missile capabilities, making it versatile and effective. The components of the AD GM System (SP) include a low radar cross-section (RCS) 3-D Acquisition cum Fire Control Radar for target detection, an Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) for tracking targets day and night, a Fire Control Computer (FCC) for processing target data, and a dual engagement capability for engaging aerial threats. It can engage various targets such as fighter aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, UCAVs, and cruise missiles.

The AD GM System (SP) is designed to operate in diverse terrains, including high altitude and mountainous areas, plains, deserts, and snow-bound locations. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, with operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to +45°C and storage temperatures ranging from -30°C to +55°C.

The system is highly transportable, allowing for easy transportation by rail, road, ship, and aircraft. Its dimensions and weight are optimized for efficient transport.

With excellent mobility capabilities, the AD GM System (SP) can negotiate various terrains, including longitudinal and transverse slopes, as well as vertical steps. Its speed parameters enable it to travel at 60 km/h on metalled roads, 50 km/h on unmetalled roads, and an average speed of 40 km/h cross-country. Additionally, it can ford minor water obstacles up to 1.2 meters in depth.

The system accommodates a crew of up to four or five personnel, depending on the vehicle configuration. It features external and internal communication systems, including data communication for target transmission and voice communication with secrecy devices. It also has a digital internal communication system for efficient coordination among crew members.

Equipped with a low RCS 3-D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, the AD GM System (SP) provides continuous three-dimensional surveillance of aerial platforms. The radar enables the detection of various threats, including fighter aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, UCAVs, and cruise missiles. The missile system integrated into the AD GM System (SP) has a range of at least 6500 meters and altitude coverage of at least 3000 meters.

It can detect target speeds of up to 500 m/s. The gun system of the AD GM System (SP) has a caliber greater than 30mm and a range greater than 3500 meters. It offers a suitable cyclic rate of fire for firing programmable proximity fuze ammunition.

The AD GM System (SP) is a highly capable air defence system designed for close protection of mechanized formations. Its components, transportability, mobility, radar and surveillance capabilities, missile and gun systems, and maintainability make it an effective solution against evolving and dynamic air threats.

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