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Payload from a private company, Bellatrix Aerospace, will launch aboard PSLV on April 22.

Bellatrix has tweeted, "Bellatrix ARKA series HET (solar electric propulsion) on board, ready for liftoff!"According to a senior ISRO official, Bellatrix Aerospace, an Indian private space company, will launch its experimental payload on the Indian rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C55) on April 22 in the afternoon.

On April 22, 2023, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is scheduled to launch a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) carrying a payload developed by private aerospace firm Bellatrix Aerospace.

This will be a landmark moment for the Indian space industry, as it marks the first time that a privately developed payload will be flown on an ISRO rocket.

Bellatrix Aerospace was founded in 2015 by Rohan M. Ganapathy and Yashas Karanam, two former students of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST).

The company specializes in electric propulsion systems and is developing a range of innovative products for the space industry.

The payload that Bellatrix Aerospace is launching on the PSLV is a small satellite called "HeT".

The satellite is designed to test Bellatrix's electric propulsion technology in space, as well as a range of other systems and technologies that the company is developing.

The satellite weighs approximately 100 kilograms and is expected to operate in orbit for several months.

The launch of HET is a significant milestone for both Bellatrix Aerospace and the Indian space industry as a whole. Until now, ISRO has only launched payloads developed by government agencies or academic institutions.

The fact that a private company has been given the opportunity to launch a payload on an ISRO rocket is a testament to the growing capabilities of India's private space sector.

Bellatrix Aerospace is one of several private space companies that have emerged in India in recent years.

These companies are working to develop a range of innovative products and technologies for the space industry, including satellite systems, launch vehicles, and propulsion systems.

The Indian government has been supportive of these companies, providing funding and regulatory support to help them grow and compete in the global space market.

The launch of HET is just the beginning for Bellatrix Aerospace and India's private space sector.

The company has ambitious plans to develop a range of electric propulsion systems and other technologies for the space industry, and is already working on a number of other satellite projects.

With the support of the Indian government and the growing demand for space-based services, the future looks bright for Bellatrix Aerospace and the Indian space industry as a whole.

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