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PM Modi shares "Breathtaking" images of Gujarat taken by EOS-06 Satellite

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday shared some ‘breathtaking’ images of Gujarat taken by the recently launched EOS-06 satellite

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared images captured by the the recently launched EOS-06 satellite released by the Indian Space Research Organisation. The Prime Minister shared the images of his home state Gujarat as seen by the satellite and described them as ‘breathtaking’.

PM Modi wrote on Twitter, “Have you come across breathtaking images from the recently launched EOS-06 satellite? Sharing some beautiful images of Gujarat. These advances in the world of space technology will help us to better predict cyclones and promote our coastal economy too. @isro"

The Earth Observation Satellite (EOS) and eight additional co-passenger satellites were successfully launched into multiple orbits on Saturday by the Indian Space Research Organisation, which dubbed the mission "unique."

A sophisticated third-generation satellite for studying ocean biological parameters is EOS-06. Its applications include identifying potential fishing zones, weather forecasting, wind velocity and cyclone detection, cyclone tracking and maritime security.

Edited by Ragul Senthil

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