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Quantum Space announces first cislunar mission

On October 26, Quantum Space revealed plans for its first smallsat pathfinder mission, which will gather information on orbit situational awareness. Quantum Space was established earlier this year to create spacecraft platforms in cislunar space.

The QS-1 spacecraft, slated for launch in October 2024, will operate in cislunar space and transport hosted payloads from other customers in addition to a space situational awareness payload provided by GEOST. Blue Canyon will supply the spacecraft's bus, which will weigh up to 400 kilos.

Ben Reed, chief technology officer at Quantum Space, stated in an interview at the ASCEND conference of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, "We intend on showing the ability to function and navigate in cislunar space."

Given that governments and businesses throughout the world are planning an increasing number of lunar trips, he continued, this tracking will become more crucial. We believe it's critical to have the capacity to gather data on those things as additional satellites begin to transit over that volume.

Although Quantum Space has not disclosed any specific clients or their payloads, QS-1 will also be able to host payloads. In order to find a ride for a payload, one unnamed group approached the firm, according to Reed, but the company hasn't yet publicly advertised the hosted payload prospects.

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