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Russian Troops Surrendering at Increasing Pace in Ukraine War

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for years now, with both sides suffering significant losses. However, recent reports suggest that Russian troops are surrendering at an increasing pace to "save their lives."

According to Ukraine's defense ministry, there has been a "sharp" increase in the number of Russian soldiers who want to surrender. Some Russian soldiers are also being captured directly on the battlefield.

The "I Want to Live" hotline, run by the coordinating headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war, has registered 3,000 appeals from Russian soldiers wanting to surrender. This is double the number from last month.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive operation has not yet begun, but its effect is already bearing fruit. The choice of a Russian soldier during the war is simple: either death or capture. However, the window of opportunity for surrendering is narrowing.

In other news, secret documents with details of US and NATO's plans to help prepare Ukraine for the spring offensive against Russia were widely shared on social media platforms. The Pentagon is currently assessing the security breach.

The situation between Ukraine and Russia remains tense, and the increase in Russian soldiers surrendering could be a sign of the weakening of the Russian army's resolve. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the coming weeks and months.

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