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Skyhawk offers C-35E and Pushpak drone to Indian Army!

Skyhawk Aerospace, an esteemed aerospace company headquartered in India, made a resplendent appearance at the esteemed 4th Drone International Expo in Delhi on the 26th and 27th of July. The event provided a prestigious platform for the company to exhibit its remarkable achievements in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), showcasing two of their pioneering creations: the Pushpak and C35-E.

At the center of attention was the indigenously designed fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) multirole UAV, the Pushpak. This tactical marvel has been purposefully engineered to excel in high-altitude cargo operations, delivering unparalleled performance and versatility. Impressively, the Pushpak boasts a skid landing gear system, enabling it to gracefully navigate through diverse terrain with ease.

Capable of soaring to extraordinary heights, it reaches an impressive maximum altitude of 5,700 meters, even triumphing over challenging weather conditions akin to "near gale" scenarios. Notably, this UAV showcases its mettle in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +55°C, showcasing its resilience in the face of adverse climatic conditions.

Intriguingly, the development journey of the Pushpak commenced in November 2020, driven by the invaluable inputs furnished by the esteemed Army Design Bureau (ADB). Emphasizing its commitment to meeting the specific requirements of the defense forces, Skyhawk Aerospace meticulously crafted this UAV to fulfill the critical needs of cargo operations.

The Pushpak's striking design is characterized by shoulder-mounted moderately tapered straight wings, spanning an impressive length of 6.28 meters. A twin-boom-mounted tail, adorned with vertical stabilizers connected by a horizontal stabilizer at the top, contributes to its sleek and aerodynamic profile. Notably, the UAV comes equipped with a strategically placed hook beneath the fuselage near the wing section, intelligently engineered to efficiently transport cargo.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Pushpak lies in its vertical take-off and landing capabilities, expertly enabled by twin booms integrated into the inner wing section. Each of these booms houses four electrically powered rotors, thoughtfully positioned - two upwards and two downwards - to facilitate seamless VTOL operations.

The UAV's forward flight is enabled by a pusher propeller, ingeniously driven by an 80 hp turboshaft engine. This cutting-edge engine, boasting a total fuel capacity of 20 liters, has been meticulously sourced from a renowned European manufacturer, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.

Additionally, with an impressive time between overhauls of approximately 1,000 hours, the Pushpak stands as a testament to Skyhawk Aerospace's dedication to quality and long-term operational excellence.

In conclusion, the display of the Pushpak and C35-E UAVs at the prestigious Drone International Expo serves as a glowing testament to India's growing prowess in the field of aerospace technology.

Skyhawk Aerospace's ingenuity and commitment to developing indigenous UAVs are commendable, as evidenced by the remarkable capabilities and features exhibited by the Pushpak. With its outstanding performance in high-altitude cargo operations and remarkable VTOL capabilities, the Pushpak holds tremendous promise for bolstering India's unmanned aerial capabilities and addressing the specific needs of the defense forces.

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