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The next and most profound industrial revolution in human history is underway in Low Earth Orbit

The Artemis missions, which stand on the shoulders of the Apollo generation, will open the way for future human exploration of Mars, the moon, and the furthest reaches of our solar system.

While deep space research is essential to expanding our knowledge of the cosmos and our position in it, it is also crucial that the US government and business sector collaborate to drive LEO's commercialization and benefit from the consequent enormous new space economy.

As the companies and industries of the Orbital Age establish a permanent human presence in LEO, we are on the verge of fully commercialising space. A near-vacuum condition, greater radiation levels, and microgravity create an unusual environment that will foster discoveries that might enhance Earthly life.

As explorers, we will always stare into space and ponder the possibilities of other planets, but as stewards of this one, we must consider it from above and consider what we can do to make a difference.

In the microgravity factories of space, biotech businesses, pharmaceutical companies, semiconductor manufacturers, and other producers of innovative materials will create and produce their next ground-breaking goods that will improve life on Earth.

The infrastructure and complete commercial and technological platform being built by Sierra Space will hasten the development of the new space economy. To help enterprises from a variety of industries develop in space, our organisation is dedicated to forging deep, mutually beneficial partnerships with current partners and business partners.

We do this by building strong ecosystems. We understand how important it is for businesses to shift to LEO since we were an early adopter in the Orbital Age.

This new age will be unlocked by our business ecosystem architecture. Utilizing our ground-breaking technology, such as the first commercial family of spaceplanes and the first commercial family of very huge, extremely robust, extensible, and customizable space facilities, is the first step.

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