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UN's ICAO audit of Indian Aviation sector to start from Nov 9

According to official sources, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will begin its thorough audit of India's aviation industry on November 9. According to the sources, the audit would look at a number of things, including flight standards, licence, and airworthiness.

According to the sources, the audit will begin on November 9 and go through November 15.

A thorough safety audit was conducted in 2018 by the ICAO, a specialized agency of the UN. The ICAO audit of the Indian aviation industry will begin next week and will be the first since the coronavirus pandemic.

After being severely hit by the pandemic, India's civil aviation industry is now on the road to recovery, and air traffic is increasing. In March of this year, scheduled international flights to and from India resumed after being grounded for a little over two years.

Additionally, to meet the growing demand for traffic, Indian carriers are expanding their offerings.

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Edited By: Prabhjot Singh Maan ( LinkedIn ).


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