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Venture Aerospace’s Sasha Mela on Developing New Products to Advance Drone Operations

Recently, Sasha Mela, Lead Aerospace Engineer and Co-Founder of Venture Aerospace, talked with Commercial UAV News. Venture Aerospace, a business established in Colorado, is dedicated to the development of aeroplanes, heavy-lift drones, and materials.

In our chat, Mela talks about Venture Aerospace's distinctive approach to product design and development, the company's current work on a fuel-agnostic generator, and how its products may affect drone-based operations.

Mela says "We always have several projects active at once, but our main focus right now is developing a fuel-independent generator that will serve as the drones' power source. We have already created a combustion chamber that is independent of the fuel used and have tested it with kerosene, diesel, canola oil, and gasoline. "

She continues "This combustion chamber is being shrunk to a third of its original size. Two impellers will be connected to several combustion chambers, which will be fueled by an internal pump. We are also developing a very durable material that will be used for both our drone and the generator's housing."

Edited By : Bidyut B. Gogoi ((11) Bidyut Gogoi | LinkedIn)

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