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What are the difficulties and will Ukraine receive Western fighter jets?

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, stated on Thursday that a number of Western nations were prepared to send planes to Kiev to help stop the Russian invasion.

London , February 10 - Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, announced on Thursday that a number of Western nations were prepared to send planes to Kiev in order to thwart the Russian invasion.

Any such offer wasn't immediately confirmed. But the information on the jets Ukraine seeks and what it might obtain is provided below.

In order to replace its ageing fleet of Soviet MiG and Sukhoi aircraft, Ukraine has been requesting assistance from friends in the form of contemporary fighter jets, called "wings for freedom" in Zelenskiy's speech to British legislators this week.


In Zelenskiy's speech to British legislators this week, he referred to contemporary fighter jets as "wings for freedom" and asked friends to help Ukraine replace its ageing fleet of Soviet MiG and Sukhoi aircraft.

Its wish list includes American-made F-16s due to their destructive capabilities and accessibility worldwide. It also wants Swedish Gripen fighters, while it has stated that it is currently debating what aircraft partners might be able to provide.

To target Russian locations and conduct intercept flights, Ukraine has relied on its current fleet, but its air force feels that newer jets might tip the balance of the fight.

According to Zelenskiy's advisor, Mykhailo Podolyak, such aircraft would "shut the skies" against Russian attacks. According to a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian air force, they would "assist to eliminate nearly any target" on the ground and in the air.


In response to Zelenskiy's request for Eurofighter Typhoon jets in London this week, Britain has stated that it would take years for Ukrainian pilots to learn how to fly new jet types.

London has agreed to begin training pilots in the spring as a first step and has stated that it will consider cutting the training sessions for seasoned Ukrainian pilots.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace told the BBC that "this is not a straightforward issue of towing an aircraft to the border."

"A Formula One car would essentially be unable to start and most likely would not be able to complete more than a few laps without a pit crew. We need to know more about the pit crew that is involved when working with advanced, highly technical weaponry like fighter jets."

There are some fighter jet models that may be more useful than others.

Giving Typhoons to Ukraine would be a "very expensive symbolic gesture," said Justin Bronk of the RUSI think tank.

To circumvent Russian air defences, jets would have to fly slowly. However, Typhoons are designed for high-altitude flight to increase the range of their missiles, a strategy that would be largely countered by the Russian long-range threat, according to a study by Bronk.

He claimed that although Sweden's Gripen aircraft could fly at lower altitudes and receive maintenance on shorter, rougher airstrips, Typhoon and F-16 aircraft would need to operate from centralised locations with smooth runways.


Ukraine is certain it will do so and has cited instances in the past where allies originally refused to supply highly advanced weapons but later changed their minds.

Although Germany has, the United States, France, and Germany said they have not ruled out sending jets.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson did not rule out sending fighter jets but played down expectations, saying the issue was not on Stockholm's agenda at the moment.

Ulf Kristersson, the prime minister of Sweden, did not rule out deploying fighter jets but downplayed hopes, saying the matter was not currently on Stockholm's agenda.

One of the most militant proponents of Ukraine, Poland, declared that it would not make such a decision on its own and that NATO must act as a collective.

In order to increase its fleet size, Slovakia has agreed to supply 11 MiG aircraft to Ukraine.

Western governments have been leery of handing out too much equipment for fear of leaving their own countries defenceless.

Additionally, they have so far refrained from deploying anything that may penetrate far into Russian territory out of concern that it might give Moscow cause to escalate the conflict. According to the Kremlin, if Western nations send jets, they would be edging closer to a direct battle with Russia.

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